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Decentralized Cryptocurrency Payment Network

The first turnkey solution for accepting cryptocurrency payments via layer 2 protocols is COMING SOON to merchants and consumers worldwide.

Simple and Secure Payments

Complete, end-to-end solution on top of Lightning Network with a highly secure and encrypted UI.

Familiar experience for both, merchants and consumers, with Apple-pay style wallets and payment terminals.

Regular plastic cards are used to pay with a merchant-accepted cryptocurrency.

Unlike bank transaction fees of 3-5%, ArrowPass DCPN charges a flat fee of 1% or less.

The cryptocurrency revolution is challenging credit card issuers’ stranglehold on payments, offering unprecedented flexibility and security.

Our Expert Services

  • Proven payment solutions since 2015
  • System integration and technical support
  • Merchant sales team training
  • Consumer and merchant onboarding
  • Currency handling guidance
  • Custom development

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